The Most Useful Tips for Beautiful Selfie Without Facetune

How many shots do you do before making the best one? Sometimes it’s really tricky to find right light, angle and pose to look nice and natural. We’ve found the best tips for taking great Selfie in few attempts. 

Beautiful Selfie Tip №1: Lighting

No matter you’re using natural or artificial light, the most important thing to remember is that you should turn your face to resources of light. Try to angle your face so that your features are fully illuminated, as this will prevent shadows forming around any blemishes or bags.

If you use natural light remember that the best pictures are at the sunrise or sunset. At the daytime sunlight is too bright and causes deep shadows on your face. 

If you use indoor light  look for full-spectrum light sources which produce a soft, diffused daylight effect. This prevents discolouration and over-exposure in your photos.

Make sure you avoid overhead, fluorescent lighting, as this will cast unnatural shadows and give your selfies a bluish tinge. Never take a selfie with the bright light behind you, unless you’re going for that creepy, faceless silhouette look.

Lighting is really important and right lighting is 80% of success in beautiful selfies. That’s why all professional photographers use wide range of lamps in their work. If you want to make nice selfies in any place and time, use portable ring light for selfies that attaches to your smartphone. Selfie ring provides full-spectrum light which makes your skin smoother on pictures.

Beautiful Selfie Tip №2: Angle

Any photographer will tell you that a good picture requires depth of field and perspective. Maybe a good selfie doesn’t  have the same requirements, you should understand the idea to take the perfect picture.

Modern smartphones have the “portrait mode”. It makes lens focused on the foreground and blur out objects behind you( it is known as “bokeh” effect).This give depth effect and looks more professional.

Don’t forget that the closer object to a camera the larger it looks on picture. So that means nose will look slightly bigger on photos. Tilt your head to one side to bring your features more in line, or hold your camera further back to decrease the level of distortion.Angle your camera slightly higher than your line of vision to make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Beautiful Selfie Tip №3: Posing

Knowing basics of posing will make your selfies much better.

1. Look up toward the camera and rise your eyebrows a little in order to make your eyes bigger. Then work with your glance: think about smth that makes you really  happy – your favorite chocolate cake, lovely puppy or whatever you like the most. It will create a genuine happiness in your eyes and make face charming.

2. Extend your head away from your neck to make your neck longer and jawline sharper. Relax your shoulder and put them down to look more natural. 

3. Relax your lips and open a mouth a little,  exhale and blow air before the snap. It will relieve tension from your face and make lips bigger

4. After you choose the right position slowly start to spin your head to catch the perfect light and angle. Then, snap away!

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June 5, 2019

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