How to become a wedding photographer?

It is believed that being a wedding photographer is very profitable. Indeed, good masters receive a high income from their work. In addition, shooting a wedding can always be where the air is filled with happiness, positive emotions, a holiday. But not every novice photographer understands how difficult and responsible this work is, because the problems with photographic equipment or the ineptly taken pictures can spoil the most important holiday for the newlyweds and their families. Therefore, at a minimum, we must strive to improve our skills, to be prepared for the various wishes of our clients, for the cost of the best equipment. And always learn from your own mistakes, and from real professionals.

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Preparing for a new job

• Constant honing of skill is necessary in any profession. Before becoming a wedding photographer, you need to fully master the most important knowledge in the field of photography, to be able to carry out various topics and genres of shooting. Especially important is the ability to “catch” interesting shots, mood, emotions, facial expression. With more experience and practice, it will be much easier to master a narrower specialization.

• Effective help – the experience of other wedding photographers who have the authority of these masters. You can familiarize yourself with their works on special sites, and from photographs in books and magazines. You can also learn from one or more specialists. Usually talented people are happy to share the secrets of the profession, and they will not necessarily see you as their potential competitors. In response, you will become an assistant at the time of the wedding shooting and will learn in the process.

• Good photo quality requires good photography. It will be necessary to buy not only a professional camera, but also a convenient, reliable tripod, flash. Photo equipment does not have to be professional, to get started, take care of its reliability and stability. Be sure to include a spare battery for your camera model. Ideally, if you can take with you a spare camera, anything can happen. Examine the capabilities of your work tool, and check that it works before you go out for shooting.

• Before making wedding photography, offer your services for free as a second photographer. Such an offer can be made to friends, relatives. During the shooting gained invaluable experience of owning a camera, the choice of light and exposure, the use of the flash. In addition, the proposal has already paid the services of a wedding photographer will need to confirm examples of photographs. Choose for your portfolio, of course, the most successful pictures in which your style is visible. Portfolio can be in the form of an album, a masterfully created site, as long as a high level of work is visible.

• The wedding has a specific order of conduct, in which there are standard stages, as well as unique invented earlier moments. The photographer should know the phasing of events, it will help to make a plan of shooting and not to miss important points.

• The main characters of the wedding are the bride and groom. It should be devoted to them most of the photos. Dressing the dress, the arrival of the groom, painting, the first dance of the young family, a beautiful photo of the bride, kisses under the cries of “Bitter!” It is very important that the newlyweds are clearly visible on them, but do not forget about their loved ones, friends – this day is also a holiday for them, many will want to order a photo for themselves.

• Since the wedding often ends with a festive meal, the photographer must continue shooting in the restaurant. Ask your customers, until what point your services are needed, they are usually asked to remove the first dances, the first toasts and some traditional rituals.

• The photographer always becomes part of the wedding event and therefore must be active, creative in creating a bright and stylish photo essay. Be able to correctly beat the situation, tell the bride and groom what position will be more natural.

Wedding photography is a responsible work, do not rush to offer your services if you are not completely sure of the excellent result.

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